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Weekly Events

Our weekly events include our long running and popular “Monday Night Pub Quiz” in english. The quiz starts at 7pm but please arrive no later than 6:45pm for registration, max. 6 persons per team. For a small entry fee, you get the chance to enjoy a night of fun but for most teams their pride is important and many of our regular teams are there to win. Prizes are drinks and food vouchers and if you are one of the more serious teams, you can enter the “Freaks” division and for the not so serious the “Lovers” division. First round of ten questions is always general knowledge, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds vary weekly from History, Geography, Science & Nature, Music, Names, Sports, Movies, Art, Literature and many more surprise topics weekly. Fifth round is always a picture round with different weekly topics.

Our other weekly event is our also very popular and also long running “Thursday Open-Mic Cellar Night”. Simply just turn up with your voice or musical instrument any time after 8:00pm, register your name with our host and wait your turn. We have a full professional sound system and stage so you can enjoy the atmosphere of a typical concert venue. We also have a house guitar, keyboard and more instruments if you need the use of them. If you are a hit,  we will be happy to buy you a drink and you will be encouraged to sing or play again.